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22 November 2007 @ 04:24 am
Archive is here.

015. Lick - Heechul/Hankyung
PG-13, 444 words.

Notes: So I'm not so much for this fic as I am with the first one I wrote, but atleast it's ok. (atleast I think so.)
Comments are appreciated! ♥

"Ahh~ I'm so hungry. Won't anyone make me something to eat?" Heechul whined. "I'm dying here." He brought his hand to his forehead for dramatic effect.
Hankyung immediately lowers the paper he was reading and raised his eyebrows at the man across the room. Heechul gives the chinese man his puppy eyes, and Hankyung just rolls his own pair before folding the paper up nice and neat befoe setting it on the table besides him. Victorious, the devious man smirks and follows Hankyung into the kitchen.
The brown haired man quickly sets to work, heading straight for the fridge to pull out miscellanious food items. Placing said items on the counter, he bent over to the low cabinet and pulled out the essential items needed for cooking said food. Straightening, he filled the pot he grabbed with water and set it on the stove, turning it on to let it boil.
Heechul watched, using his hand to support his head. He seated himself at the table to watch what he liked to call "his own personal cooking show."
"Don't you have better things to do than watch me cook?" Hankyung asked, currently busy mixing some spices and other things in a bowl.
"No, not really." Heechul replied, holding his free hand up to his face to inspect his nails. "So I've been thinking about getting a manicure. My cuticles totally suck."
"Your what?" Curious, Hankyung craned his neck to the side to look at the older man.
"Nevermind. What're you making me?" Getting up, he stepped over to Hankyung and peered over his shoulder.
"What I always make - rice." Heechul's face lit up.
"Your beijing fried rice?"
"Is there any other kind?" Hankyung retorted, pouring the bag of rice into the pot he had placed on the stove earlier. Heechul nodded; he had a good point. He watched as Hankyung picked up the bowl with the mixed spices in it, observing how there was some of the mix on the side. The taller man set down the bowl almost as soon as he picked it up, a hand darting up to his face to scratch at it.
Heechul grinned as he noticed a small mushy spot on Hankyung's face.
"Ah~ Hannie. You have something on your face pointed out. "Let me get it for you." Heechul licked the side of the other's cheeck, smacking his lips in enjoyment as he pulled away. "Mmm. Tastes good." He was smirking again.
Hankyung's face turned a slight shade of red, turning away from him and picking up the bowl again.
"Aish, you're so annoying." But he couldn't help the smile that had formed.
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5_risen_demon_55_risen_demon_5 on November 23rd, 2007 01:25 am (UTC)
is muchly wonderful!